Since inception in 1995 Telnet been serving the telecom industry, mobile carriers, equipment vendors, and tower companies with high end services including engineering, Implementation, operation, and expansion to cover more users and move to new technologies. Technology is advancing at a rapid space and Telnet has been on the forefront of this advancement supporting the industry. 

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Telnet’s Government services division provides information technology, managed services, unified communications, network security, web applications, management consulting and a broad portfolio of voice, video, and data products to State and Federal agencies. Our focus is to enable Government organizations to reduce costs, enhance productivity and deliver superior customer service.Telnet is helping reshape the way agencies across the government use technology to improve the quality of services they deliver.

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Telnet offers a suite of business solutions designed to enable small businesses to reduce costs, enhance productivity, and deliver superior customer service. We do this by providing a suite of online business management solutions, Telecommunication systems & Integration services, and network managements &IT support, and a broad portfolio of voice, video, and data products.

list of our services and clients