Product Summary



Business Management Product

Telnet Has a suite of online business management software to help  you run your business efficiently and control cost:

Telnet_Site_Manager_box   SM - Site Manager
  • Project Management
  • Resource Management
  • Vendor Management
  • PO Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Data Exchange
  • Data Repository
  • Event Reminder/Scheduler
telnet_ets_box_01    ETS - Expense Tracking
  • Time Sheet 
  • Cash Expense
  • Credit Card Expense
  • Vacation Request
  • Performance Review
  • Purchase Order Request
  • Hierarchy Managment
  • Multitude of Financial report
  • Multitude of Performance report
  • Multitude of Forecasts
Telnet_ITS_BOX   ITS - Inventory Tracking
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Transfer (check in/ Check Out)
  • Maintenance Logs
  • Lease tracking
bzp006    RTS - Resource Tracking
  • Recruiter Management
  • Job Posting Management
  • Candidate hostory database
  • Interview Qustionaires
  • Powerfull Versatile Search Engine


EmagiMed   EmagiMed / EmagiTel
  • AutoDiller
  • Pole Generator
  • Dialing Scheduler
  • Web Result Review

Business Communication Products

aastra-6739i-400x400       VOIP & Telephony  
WaveIP2500-Dual-Transparent Call Center Product  
ZTE_VTC_Term_No_Shadow400x300   Video Conferencing & Solutions  
wg_xtm_allfamily257x257   Network Security product  

Regulatory Signs

Verizon Information Sign   VERIZON Wireless Info Sign
Verizon RF Caution Sign   VERIZON Wireless Caution SIgn
Verizon RF Guidelines Sign   VERIZON Wireless Notice Sign
Verizon RF Notice Sign   VERIZON Wireless Info Sign Notice  Sign 2
Verizon RF Warning Sign   VERIZON Wireless Warning Sign