Site Manager


site manager


Site manager is a secure online project management system & data exchange platform. This e-commerce solution has been developed to facilitate management of large scale projects with multiple remote entities involved using just a browser. This system provides real-time access to the project with selectable security & access levels for each entity. It will help monitor and reduce your project's cost.


  • Network Planning
  • Site Acquisition
  • Optimization: Sector Testing, Cluster Testing
  • Drive Testing
  • Site Survey


  • 100MBit Internet access Bandwidth
  • Secured Web Access (SSL 1024 bit Encryption)
  • Selectable access and security level based on login
  • Up to date records with 24/7 access
  • Centralized Data
  • Paper less
  • Most efficient & rapid information/data exchange
  • Easy access from anywhere for all authorized users
  • Maintain history of all events for all sites
  • Low cost for updating
  • Low cost for data sharing and transferring
  • Quality controlled updates
  • Multi-level access for employees, managers, executives


  • Site Document Management (Data Exchange)
    • Reports (Cluster, Sector, etc...)
    • Drive Test Files
    • Site Photos (Equipment, Tower, Shelter, etc...)
    • Site & Tower Worksheets
    • Sweep Reports
    • AutoCAD Files
    • RF Engineering updates
    • Zoning Documents
    • Site Candidates
    • Search Rings
  • Site information (Custom Fields)
  • Dynamic Site Maps
  • Transparent Cluster Polygons Layer
  • Dynamic & Custom Site Type Filtering
    • Site Acquired, Zoning Approved
    • Eq. Delivered, Eq. Installed
    • T1Ready,Equipment Commissioned
    • Site On Air
    • Sector Tested, Cluster Tested
  • Invoice & PO Management