Public Safety & In-Building Solutions

We have all come to expect instant communication and seamless connectivity from our mobile devices. This demand comes up more and more when we are in crowded locations and in large buildings where coverage is not always the best or available at all.

Also for in-building public safety, reliable coverage is required at all times, and everywhere public has access to, so that emergency personnel can reach out when necessary.

These demands for broadband services by consumers and businesses requires a well-designed in-building infrastructure to meet both the coverage and capacity for all types of indoor and outdoor venues.

Telnet has been designing, testing  and implementing wireless systems for indoor and outdoor since 1995.  We can solve your problems and needs with a state of the at system. Please see below about the services we provide:



  • Stadiums
  • Shopping Malls
  • Airports / Railways
  • Convention Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Office Building
  • Subway / Railway Systems
  • Other Special Cases

Small Cell / Outdoor DAS Solution

  • Project Management
  • Remote location Node-Design
  • CW Drive testing
  • Installation
  • Integration and commissioning
  • Optimization



Indoor DAS Solutions

  • Project Management, Vendor Selection, Cost Analysis
  • Site Walk, CW Testing, Model Tuning
  • Design Solution
  • Installation / Integration / Validation
  • Optimization and Maintenance / Acceptance
  • Audits & Inventory
  • Data Analysis & Recommendation

Other In-building Solutions

  • Coax/ Fiber / Hybrid Systems
  • Repeater
  • WiFi
  • Neutral Host Technology
  • Equipment Vendor Proposal
  • Regulatory Services (EME)
  • Site Acquisition & Zoning

Maintenance Services

  • Custom NOC Solutions
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring & Notification
  • Maintenance & Repair services
  • Trouble Ticket Management
  • Vendor Interaction