Support and Documentation


Telnet, Inc. provides  an array of support in Telecommunication infra structure engineering, Telephone and IT support.
In all support tasks we provide on-site and off-site support. A managed service agreement must be in place for all contacts.

All our on-site IT support is provided by MCSE-qualified support engineers, so you know that you have an experienced and well-qualified IT support engineer working to ensures your IT infrastructure works properly.
he frequency of on-site days determines the fixed monthly fee - the frequency required depends upon:

Adding an additional person to your business generates negligible amounts of additional support requirement, so why should there additional costs added?
The complexity of your network

If you have 200 people but only use Microsoft Office and e-mail, your support could cost less than a smaller company with multiple applications and a complex setup. We try our best to provide
timely fashion support in meeting client demand and criteria.