Public Safety & In-Building Solutions

We have all come to expect instant communication and seamless connectivity from our mobile devices. This demand comes up more and more when we are in crowded locations and in large buildings where coverage is not always the best or available at all.

Also for in-building public safety, reliable coverage is required at all times, and everywhere public has access to, so that emergency personnel can reach out when necessary.

These demands for broadband services by consumers and businesses requires a well-designed in-building infrastructure to meet both the coverage and capacity for all types of indoor and outdoor venues.

Telnet has been designing, testing  and implementing wireless systems for indoor and outdoor since 1995.  We can solve your problems and needs with a state of the at system. Please see below about the services we provide:



  • Stadiums
  • Shopping Malls
  • Airports / Railways
  • Convention Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Office Building
  • Subway / Railway Systems
  • Other Special Cases

Small Cell / Outdoor DAS Solution

  • Project Management
  • Remote location Node-Design
  • CW Drive testing
  • Installation
  • Integration and commissioning
  • Optimization



Indoor DAS Solutions

  • Project Management, Vendor Selection, Cost Analysis
  • Site Walk, CW Testing, Model Tuning
  • Design Solution
  • Installation / Integration / Validation
  • Optimization and Maintenance / Acceptance
  • Audits & Inventory
  • Data Analysis & Recommendation

Other In-building Solutions

  • Coax/ Fiber / Hybrid Systems
  • Repeater
  • WiFi
  • Neutral Host Technology
  • Equipment Vendor Proposal
  • Regulatory Services (EME)
  • Site Acquisition & Zoning

Maintenance Services

  • Custom NOC Solutions
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring & Notification
  • Maintenance & Repair services
  • Trouble Ticket Management
  • Vendor Interaction



Wireless Engineering

To meet the new customer requirements and to stay ahead of the business curve, wireless telecommunication service providers have to continuously expand their service area and roll out new technologies. Due to the capacity demands resulting from the exponential growth in the use of mobile broadband data, the service provider has to roll out new technologies like LTE, VoLTE, and Super LTE. The bottom line is that the industry has to change according to the customer’s need and has to deliver a reliable and efficient network.

Since inception TELNET has been providing services to Wireless Network Operators and Vendors. We can provide a turnkey service and deliver a completed system or provide engineering support as outsourcing on your ongoing projects.

TELNET provides a range of RF Design and Optimization Services to support its clients at all stages of Network Planning. Network development is challenging and requires Knowledge and experience that Telnet can provide for a smooth roll out of new technology or to expand the existing Network. We are considered expert in providing the following essential Network Planning Services.



  • RF Engineering Consulting
  • System Design & Expansion
  • Model Tuning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Regulatory Compliance (FCC/FAA/EME/E911)
  • Network Planning & Dimensioning pre-launch stage and during growth


  • CW & Coverage Testing
  • Site Parameter Optimization
  • Sector / Cluster / System Testing
  • Competitive Analysis / Benchmarking
  • Optimization Drive testing / data collection / post processing
  • 3G/4G Data Testing & Analysis & Recommendation


  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Switch Statistics
  • Data Monitoring & Analysis
  • Capacity & Traffic Management
  • System Fine Tuning & Troubleshooting
  • MSC Operations
  • System Alarm Resolving
  • Problem Area Mapping & Customer Complain resolution
  • E-911 Services


  • Project Management
  • Online Tracking System & Data Exchange
  • Site Walk / Site Survey / Site Audit
  • Design Solution (Coverage & Capacity)
  • Site Acquisition and Lease Negotiation
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Optimization and Performance Management
  • Equipment Vendor Selection & Management
  • Network Monitoring and Maintenance


  • Field Measurement
  • Identify Hot Spots
  • Computer Modeling & Calculation
  • Compliance Certification
  • Signage & Barrier

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Company Information


TELNET, Inc. is a telecommunications and Information Technology (IT) solution provider. It was founded in 1995 by Hootan Roosta as an engineering consulting firm and soon after the IT and Operations divisions were established to provide clients with cost-effective and superior products and turnkey services and give them the edge in today's competitive market place.

Telnet has been providing Wireless Network related Services to Wireless carriers and Wireless Equipment providers for more than 20 years.

Our Knowledge and Expert Engineers have worked with leading Wireless carriers and equipment manufacturers in Network Planning and Design, New Network Roll out, integration of multiple technologies and Optimization of New and Existing Networks.

Telnet is considered a unique addition to its client’s team due to its expertise in Wireless field

  • We have experience in working on multiple technologies and have worked in every OEM Platform
  • We understand the business model of the wireless industry and can provide flexible solution to our clients aimed to meet their specific goals.
  • Capability in complete lifecycle of a Wireless Network build and Optimization Project. We have assisted our clients in projects ranging from Site design, candidate selection, zoning, Site build and making it launch ready (Pre Launch Optimization) to Post Launch optimization to improve KPI.
  • We have worked on iDEN, CDMA, GSM, UMTS, EVDO, WiMAX, LTE Networks and In-Building Solutions such as DAS Design and Optimization.


Company Strategy

TELNET's strategy is to provide clients with the best qualified IT professionals and engineers, who are hard working and have the required skills which in turn would promote the company IMAGE in the industry.





Global Marketing

TELNET serves both the domestic and the international market. TELNET's progressive and innovative services bring a rich experience from markets all over the world such as, Germany, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, and United Kingdom.




Our Services

Our services and expertise evolve continuously to provide the most advanced tools, and techniques to support the latest technologies and embrace new ones. Our view of the future has allowed us to remain on the forefront of technology as expert solution providers to all of our clients' IT and telecom needs.

We provide solutions that make our customers successful, by improving their productivity with applications and systems that are innovative and easy to use, straightforward to support and reliable to maintain.



Advanced Technology

The telecommunication and information technology industry have advanced continuously throughout the century and continues to grow at an even faster rate. Thus, TELNET continues to provide services with the latest technology. It is our mission to continue to expand and evolve our services and be pioneers in this progressive world of technology.

TELNET continues to develop products and offer services that enhance network and database quality, system performance and optimization, as well as Database management. We are available to support your organization's needs and requirement.



Our Goal

TELNET's mission is to continue providing the highest level of expertise, innovative products, solutions, and creative problem solving with Total Customer Satisfaction.